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12 October 1990
copied, pasted, and edited (with love) from my myspace account...
hello, my name is sam. a few key points to keep in mind when talking to me:
- i'm weird.
- i'm quiet.
- i'm short, which is pretty damn obvious once you look [down] at me.
- i like rock (and other stuff too...). period. all subgenres, all sounds, all bands....only if i think they're good. if you got a very good guitar, bass, drums, keyboard ETC ETC, i'm your baby. if you got a shitty singer....well, uh....if it's cool-sounding/tolerable (ie karen o) i will probably like it. oh, and screamo, (ON A VERY GENERAL WHOLE) sucks.
- i loooovvve to write stories and i'm told i'm good at it.
- i have some sort of artistic ability and a passion for art.
- i like to take pictures but i don't have unlimited access to a digital camera (cuz it's not mine) and i don't know where the loading-into-the-computer cable is...soo.....yea...
- i can play the guitar but not very well cuz i don't practice usually but i'm getting kinda better. i can play (exactly) THREE SONGS kinda well!!
- i'm looking into the tattoo artistry but a few obstacles are in the way: my parents, i don't know how to do it, i'm 15, and i'm not too sure about it....
- i might have OCD but when i think about it, i don't think so.
- i'm near-sighted.
- i need a cure for acne cuz I'M ALLERGIC TO BENZOAL (sp) PEROXIDE, which apparently works really well. if you don't know what that is, it's the active ingriedient in proactiv.
- i have a problem with arrogance, particuliarly with showing it cuz i don't want to come off as arrogant.
-i'm just strange.
- i want to do something big. it might be the napoleonic complex talking but i do want to do/write something that'll be like harry potter huge. that's overshooting it (but it would be very nice). :)
- if you don't know what 'napoleonic complex' is, look it up on dictionary.com. k. that's it. *beaming smile* w/e bye....

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